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As the name suggests we specialise in the supply of ladies and gents Designer Bifocal Eyewear. That's all we do.
Our READING GLASSES are a new generation of quality 'off the shelf' spectacles, most of which offer a DESIGNER LOOK at very affordable prices. We first brought these wonderful products to the market and have now been the preferred supplier for OVER TEN YEARS! Continuously innovating, as tastes and trends change, we add new designs to our range all the time.
These unique products have a specially designed 'dual purpose' lens. BIFOCAL READING GLASSES are divided into a lower magnified area for reading, writing and other close work, and a larger upper area with no correction.
This ensures that distance vision remains uncompromised - unlike with other styles that have the magnification throughout.
Several choices of bifocal strength are available in each design to cater for the needs of most ladies and gents.

There are many benefits to the products provided by Eye Special Eyes compared to the traditional ready reader.
No longer does the wearer need to peer over the top, or to keep removing them with irritating regularity, simply to see in the distance.
The wearing of glasses attached to a clumsy chain around the neck or perched on the head becomes history with these little gems, as they can be worn for short or longer periods of time, or just when your close-up vision needs a little boost.

Contact lenses are now very popular, and worn by a huge number of people. They do, however have the disadvantage of usually only correcting distance vision, leaving the wearer again struggling with viewing close work.
Now this dilemma is easily solved by the occasional wearing of our reading bifocals as well as your contacts - without the inconvenience of them distorting vision each time you look up!

Eye Special Eyes have expanded further on this enterprising idea, by introducing BIFOCAL SUNGLASSES, to be worn on sunny days - or even by some as a mere everyday fashion accessory. With these there is no longer the need to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses as one pair meets all needs!
Add to all this the choice of traditional styles, or exciting new DESIGNER FRAMES now available for a youthful, trendy appearance. There is a style to suit everyone - regardless of age or gender, and at these low prices you can even afford a few different colours to match certain outfits and moods.

Perhaps, though your needs are more practical? We have thought of this too and now provide quality BIFOCAL SAFETY GLASSES and innovative BIFOCAL FISHING/SPORTS GLASSES which are attracting phenomenal interest.

Our safety glasses - both the clear and the tinted versions have lower bifocal segments 'built in' with a choice of powers, to aid with any close work.
This clever idea avoids the necessity of wearing reading glasses underneath safety ones, and any associated discomfort in the work environment.

Meanwhile the Fishing and sports bifocals meet the needs of those who would like the convenience of polarised sunglasses plus a little more.
Briefly, the benefits of these are due to the 'built in' lower bifocal segments to improve close vision.
Ideal, for instance in match fishing - where knots are tied and hooks changed, and where speed is of the essence!
There are of course too many other such sporting activities to mention where this innovative design could be put to good use.

So sure are we that you will be delighted with your purchase that we offer a 'no nonsense' 14 day money back guarantee as long as they are returned unused and in the original rigid box.
The BEST products, the WIDEST choice, EXCEPTIONALLY low prices and EXCELLENT customer service. That's the Eye Special Eyes promise!

Please choose from the various designs on offer, carefully click on your bifocal strength, add to your basket and go straight to our safe and secure payment system. Should you require more than one pair you will be prompted to repeat the procedure. Then click 'View Basket' and checkout with PayPal.

With PayPal, we NEVER get to see any of your private financial information as all transactions are handled by PayPal's secure servers.
What's more, you don't even have to be a PayPal user. For your security and convenience we also accept most major payment cards.
As soon as the payment process is complete, we will pick and pack your order and ship it to you straight away, in a sturdy protective carton.

Visa MasterCard American Express Diners Club JCB Discover Switch

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can accept your cheque if it is drawn on a British bank or a postal order in British Pounds, although it will take a little longer for us to despatch your goods whilst payment clears.

Cash sent by registered post is also acceptable. Best of all, we make no surcharges at all, no matter how you choose to pay!

Thinking of a second pair for friends, family or even yourself?
Don't forget, we only charge 2.99 postage and packing per order, no matter how many items you choose. So, the more you buy ... the more you save!

We are more than happy to ship our products to anywhere in the world and in most cases the postage charge remains the same!
Our payment system often even allows you to pay in your local currency, so there's no fuss there either!
So, no matter where you live, you too can enjoy these fabulous glasses! ... What are you waiting for?

Thank you for your interest - I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sammy, Principal Advisor